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About Parkour

Originating from military obstacle courses, parkour is a movement-based training discipline. With this, one can smoothly move through different types of spaces by navigating and overcoming obstacles.

Parkour is all about shedding your inhibitions and self-doubt to overcome challenges through hard work, dedication, and constant improvement.

Newton Aerial Academy is one of the few fitness facilities in the area that offers training in the discipline of parkour to all age groups. Our sessions aim to help our team members improve their agility and movement skills through the discipline of parkour.

Benefits of Parkour

Developing parkour skills comes with several rewards, including:

  • Highly improved body control, agility, body balance, and movement.
  • Increased self-confidence and problem-solving abilities as learners need to find ways to solve and overcome physical challenges.
  • Boosting core skills and strengths.
  • Positively impacting the mind and contributing to increased mental agility.

What Do We Offer in Our Parkour Session?

Parkour skills are for all. We conduct parkour training sessions both for kids and adults. Kids as young as 4-6 years can learn and develop parkour skills. So, if you want to instill dedication, hard work, and a spirit to overcome challenges in your kids, opt for our parkour classes.

In our kids’ sessions, we provide the young learners with a basic idea about movements to help them get an idea about parkour. Our staff consists of certified trainers who will ensure to engage your children in parkour-related activities, with an added bonus of fun and enjoyment. We also follow all necessary safety protocols during our training sessions.

For adults, we offer a foundational course in which our trainers will introduce the basic parkour movements of rolling, vaulting, climbing, jumping, landing, and more. After that, our learners will develop higher parkour skills such as wall flips, aerials, side flips, backflips, and more.


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