Improve Your Child’s Agility with Early Gymnastics and Pre-Sport Skills

About Gymnastics

Early childhood is the most significant time for your child to grow and develop physically. With early gymnastics training, children can gain physical confidence while imbibing healthy habits that will help them throughout their life.

At Newton Aerial Academy, we offer early gymnastics and fitness classes to build a foundation of pre-sport skills and athletics for your little ones. Our staff includes various reputed U.S. national champion athletes, easily the stalwarts in their fields. Young learners will develop the skill of sportsmanship under the supervision of our experts in a safe and supportive environment.

Our early gymnastics classes are classified under different age groups. Each group comes with a set of objectives. Here’s a detailed look into each of them:

Ages 3-6

Children belonging to this age group will be trained to develop the following skills and habits:

  • Learn to socialize with other children.
  • Develop the skill of exploring and mastering different motor skills.
  • Listen to the instructor and learn to follow their instructions.
  • Understand the concept of sharing and take turns in sharing with others.
  • Learn to identify different body parts and memorize the body postures and positions.
  • Develop skills related to coordination, depth perception, flexibility, agility, balancing, etc.
  • Perform and master basic early gymnastic skills.
  • Develop confidence.
  • Learn to face and tackle physical and mental challenges.

Our early gymnastics class for this age group runs throughout the year. You can enroll or leave any time you wish.

Ages 6+

Apart from early gymnastics classes for pre-schoolers, we also offer a grade-school level fitness program. Our team teaches various Olympic sports, including rock climbing, trampoline, rope climbing, fitness challenges, and such. Your kids will learn about physical coordination, body balancing, flexibility, body control, agility, and much more.

Our facility has brought some of the best coaches in the area with the aim to help your child learn and develop useful fitness skills.

Ages 10+

At Newton Aerial Academy, we also conduct gymnastics sessions for teens and tweens looking to stay fit and impress peers. We cater to boys and girls of different age groups, abilities and fitness levels. Our instructors are trained to help each individual learn at their own pace.

We offer tumbling, trampoline, aerial arts and other forms of fitness exercises to help your kids get stronger, agile, and more confident while having fun.

So, enroll now and save a spot today.


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