Springboard and Platform Diving

Exciting Aquatic Sports for Your Little Ones

About Springboard and Platform Diving

Springboard and platform diving are unarguably two of the most thrilling and spectacular aquatic sports. If your child has already learned to swim competently, the time may be right to take to the air!

At Newton Aerial Academy, we wish to introduce and spread the benefits of diving to all levels of athletes, irrespective of their age and abilities. For this, we divide our students in groups with similar abilities, goals, and skill levels.

We offer classes on all levels of diving, from basic introductory programs to Olympic-level training. Young divers joining our classes often train and compete on school and club teams throughout the area. Dryland training is often the perfect compliment to their in-pool practices.

Our diving coaches include certified and well-trained instructors from the area, along with renowned U.S. National champion athletes. Our team is dedicated to providing complete guidance, supervision, and safety to your child.

Different Levels of Our Diving Classes

Our diving program is divided into the following levels:


This is the very first level that we usually assign to novice divers. At the foundation level, your child will be taught the basics of diving.


Based on what your kids learn at the foundation level, we will teach them new diving skills with the help of diving boards.


Our coaches will help young divers learn and acquire advanced diving skills on higher boards at the next level.


At this stage, your child will learn to develop some of the most challenging diving skills.

Our aim is to nurture and develop champion divers in the greater Grand Rapids area. Therefore, our diving classes are open to all. If you want to take your diving skills to the next level, reach out to us.


If you train with us, you can be confident that your coaching and
your training facilities are the best anywhere.