Gymnastics for Cheer

Discover how to cheer loud and cheer proud!

Get Your "Cheer" On!

“Gymnastics for Cheer” is all about teamwork, coordination and dedication.

Cheer for young kids is a social and team-based sport that requires athletes to have superb coordination and self-confidence.

If you want your young ones to develop excellent cheer/gymnastics skills, Newton Aerial Academy is the place to go. Here, we specialize in training kids as young as 3-years-old and older. We provide cheer classes, cheer squad training and programs for competitive cheer.

Our mission is to instill leadership, hard work, commitment and team spirit in our young students to help them become happier, healthier and confident as they grow older.

Newton Aerial Academy has a dedicated cheer training space that is equipped with all the latest equipment. We also employ highly trained coaches who love to work with kids. Your kids will learn the basic skills of cheer in a safe, fun and healthy environment.

What Does Our Cheer Program Involve?

Give me a “C”! Give me an “H”! Give me two “E”s! And lastly, give me an “R.” 

What does that spell? 


Here at Newton Aerial Academy we encourage a healthy mind. We give you the tools to guide your cheerful little ones toward learning new skills, such as: 

  • Basic tumbling
  • Cheer motions
  • Beginners’ stunts
  • Dance movements
  • Cheer chants and more…

After your little ones acquire these fundamental skills, they will then be ready to master more advanced ones. These will include more challenges, yet also fun activities that include:

  • Flexibility and conditioning drills
  • Motions in sequence
  • Group activities
  • Effective coordination and more…

Learning these skills will help your kids gain excellent body control and the agility required for cheer.

Class Schedule

Get your “cheer on” twice a week every Monday and Tuesday from 4 PM to 5 PM ET with Coach Shelby. She’s great with kids, has a ton of experience coaching and is very passionate about cheerleading and gymnastics. 

Make sure you stop by the gymnasium if you’d like to see what the classes are like OR if you have any questions for the coach or management team. 

If your child has additional gymnastics/cheerleading skills, you can ask for a free evaluation to find the most suitable class level for them.

Save a spot for your kids and get them soaring sky-high with these fun activities. 


If you train with us, you can be confident that your coaching and
your training facilities are the best anywhere.